Project Launch

Today, we had our introduction to Year 3 where Adam laid out the plans for Semester 1 for us. Despite it feeling as if we weren’t  given an exact brief, it was quite liberating as we have an opportunity to look at some exciting things.
Below is the structure of the semester ahead. Now I have this structure, I’ll find it easier to figure out what time I have available in each section and what is expected of me:


Plan of Semester 1

For notes on the tutorial session, see Lectures/Crits/Talks book, orange tab labelled Tutorials, pages 7 – 15.

Having part of the lecture on business cards was beneficial as it’s a great way to network with people in something other than a digital way. They’re easily accessible, and if done effectively, it may increase the interest in your work than just linking them your site. I will look into designing potential ideas before this semester has finished as in the second semester, it would be good to focus more on connecting and networking with industry contacts.

Getting an idea about the sorts of things we need to think about when constructing CVs and cover letters was interesting and useful as it reminded me that I need to remember it’ll be completely different from how I’ve been used to applying for jobs. I’ll try and have a look into other games artists’ and designer’s examples so that I can see what is acceptable and likely to get looked at before I start thinking of creative ways to stand out.  

These images above are from our workshop ^^

The workshop definitely helped me to get a better grasp on the brief, as before I was unsure as to what exactly we had to get on with as it was super vague. From doing the workshop, I will pick 10 areas that I feel are interesting from the workshop and brainstorm again to see if I can get much further before I look into other ways to get creative ideas flowing; I plan to try and look at books and internet resources for help with this. 


* Have furthered the 10 areas I have and possibly narrowed them down to 5 areas of deep interest
* Have looked at least 5 case studies
* 3 Artists or Art pieces
* Had at least one research generation discussion with others
* 2 Videos or documentaries
* Pin up at least 2 things a day in the studio

This list is the bare minimum that I would like to achieve. If possible, I’m going to try and push myself to get varied avenues of research under my belt to help me get more developed and informed research. I feel that I didn’t push this last year and so I’d like to up this.


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