So today was the third day that I’d been brainstorming for this project, and to be honest, I’m getting very sick and tired of this!
I used the workshop that we had on Friday to help spur me on to the next set of areas to dissect and think about.

Once I felt that I had exhausted this technique, I then decided to move onto the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How principal to help me ask questions about the themes that I was working on; I thought this could help me think more laterally and in turn inspire richer ideas.

To a degree, this method did help me but I found myself asking the same sorts of questions after a while, so many themes would end up coming to the same dead ends or boring leads. In some instances like Goth Culture and Mythology, it opened up new doorways and now I feel intrigued and inspired to venture into these in more detail – so it did some use!
I may use this technique in future projects, yet I may try that as a group discussion as everyone thinks differently and has unique ideas – and fresh eyes are great to a project!

I have now (finally) narrowed down the original 13 areas to 5:

  • Time Travel
  • Afterlife
  • Goth Culture
  • Mythology
  • Escapism

I plan to investigate these areas now with research, books, videos etc in order to get a better idea about the topics. After I’ve gathered this research, I plan to do the De Bono Six Hat process in order to see if I can create any more areas specific to the 5 themes to delve into.


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