XML Data Structures and Pointers

For the lecture today, we looked into Extensible Markup Language or XML where its only use is for structuring data into trees and branches. I say “only” but this makes up a lot of what we use and see today i.e. Amazon’s cataloguing of items etc. 
It was interesting and useful to learn about them, what they are and also about the lady who discovered it – Admiral-Doctor Grace Hopper. It was quite inspirational to see that even back in a time where women were not seen as equal to men, she fought for what she loved to do and believed in and is now the reason we have compilers. 

You can see notes in the Lectures/Crits/Talks book, light pink tag labelled XML Data Structures pages 16 – 19 for my notes in the lesson.


To begin with, we looked at the idea of creating a book collection/library. It really helped me to understand XML’s as we were breaking it down into sections of what a compiler can do and has the potential to do. It made me think about how we use this within games design and in turn, we had an exercise to make an inventory list with a consumable and non-consumable item. I felt that even though I didn’t quite finish it (or remember to actually include the consumable tags!) I did understand the majority which made me quite proud of myself and interested me in trying to make my own structures.

Above on the left is my attempt at the inventory exercise and on the right is Dr James’s example. It was informative to do the exercises and then learn from any mistakes that you had made. 


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