Science Field Trip!

14570330_10209958818863316_7329470742969186696_nFrom the very start of this project, I’ve been very certain that I’d like to look more into Science – in particular space! Therefore, I went along on a trip with others who were interested in looking into scientific themes and spent the day at the National Science Museum in London. I feel that as the museum is so huge, we could have easily spent two days there. There are so many exhibits on that it’s hard to get round and see them all; in future, I’ll bear this in mind and try and spend a longer time there.

As well as for research purposes, we also really wanted to visit the Wonderlab which opened that day as it looked awesome – this explained why it was busy with all of the school kids around. It was primarily meant for younger children but as it was an interactive area, we thought it could help to see what kids found interesting and cool. It was nice to see that they are still into tactile activities as well as digital.

There were so many cool and interesting parts in the museum, however, I feel the main areas that I would like to look into further are the Cosmos/Space as there are so many elements that I found interesting. For example, I found Space, Dangers in Space, Magnetisation etc really intriguing.  This way I can look at a wide range and filter this down later on for next weeks presentation.
I’m also thinking about looking more into the Human Universe after watching a Brian Cox Documentary episode but more so after the museum. There was a section about science and technology where I found some interesting experiments and adventures that are happening – especially to do with prosthetics and incorporating a sense of touch. I may use this as another of my four areas to research as there is so much potential there.

There was a wall with a handful of questions on that I thought were interesting and got me thinking such as:

“What if Aliens are already here, but they’re too small for us to see or hear?”
“Can we really live in Space?”
“Can we visit new worlds?”

These gave me an inspiration into further things that I could do some research into.

I feel that this trip was really beneficial to my learning as well as opening my eyes and mind to more areas to research. As I have spent a vast majority of this week focusing on Science topics, I will be looking more at my other themes that I was interested in such as Mythology, Afterlife, Goth and Escapism.

See Sketchbook 1, blue tab labelled Science Field Trip, pages 29 – 37 for first-hand research such as photographs, sketches and see my videos on Vimeo of interesting exhibits:


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