Intermedia – Mark Applin

Today’s talk was from Mark Applin of Intermedia and he primarily talked about business and starting up your own. 

He gave a lot of interesting, honest and sometimes brutal answers about the outside world and what sorts of things you need to think about before you even sort out your business. And even then – clients. How do you deal with them, how do you get them? Etc, the list goes on and the notes can be found in my Lectures book; it was informative, if not daunting.

TLDR: Go Corporate as they have all the money and ignorant clients are a bonus.

It was a super interesting talk with lots of terms and “business” words that effectively did help me realise how tough it is in the real world and I think that’s what I needed as motivation. Maybe some day I would like to run my own business or at least share partner in one so that I can build something to be proud of and make games that change people’s experiences and are fun to play! Today is not that day, but this advice has certainly helped one way or another. 

For notes from the talk see Lectures/Crits/Talks book, green tab labelled Mark Applin, pages 20 – 26.


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