Presentations and Workshop with Adam

In the morning session, we all presented our four themes and got live feedback due to the use of the Etherpad which was useful. I’d not heard of this before and it definitely proved helpful as everyone put down questions, films, books and other information that has now given me more starting points to research. I feel that I’m going to try and use this Etherpad in the future as it could prove useful in meetings to recall notes and ideas. What with the possibility of us combining into groups, this could prove effective.  

I also found after speaking in my presentation, I was more aware of what areas I was most interested in; this was The Universe and Humans. When I was talking through my subjects to the class, I found these were the easiest to talk about as I was most enthused about them. I found that this made my decision simpler to narrow down to one topic, so the presentations did end up being relevant and helpful.  

The afternoon session was not the best use of time that I could think of. Although the method we were using to do the workshop was interesting and useful in order to look into more of a variety of avenues and sources, having to spend an hour and a half on a topic that we wouldn’t look into meant that I was uninterested and didn’t offer much to the table. I could see the point in the exercise, it just wasn’t one that we should have done in that way. I will be trying to use the flash cards we had in the workshop to do this task around my main topic later on.

The 1-1 was helpful. I was dithering between the Universe and Humans as on one hand, I love space and think it would be awesome to make a game based around this theme somehow, yet with the Humans theme, I was more interested in the bionics side of things as this is new and fresh where we still have so many unanswered questions.
After talking to Adam, I feel more confident that I will choose the theme Humans/Bionics theme as it means that I can investigate into an area I’m not too familiar with, learn new things and design awesome stuff! 

#excitingtimesatwsa right…

For notes on the 1-1, see Lectures/Crits/Talks book, orange tab labelled Presentations Adam, pages 42 – 43.


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