Header Files

Today, we learned about Header Files and how they are useful to us in Games Design.
A Header File is a bedrock when working on orientated programming. It helps create a blueprint for our class structure and only ever describes the ‘why’ in a situation, not the ‘how’. By using the header files and the matrices, we can build our own AI from this. It’s exciting, and I am interested in it especially seeing as I am looking into Bionics and how AI could change in the future. It would be nice to create a game with intelligent AI but I’m not sure at the moment.


I found the lesson today relatively difficult. I understood on paper what I was roughly doing, yet when it came to translating everything into code, I became quite confused. I’m going to plan to knuckle down over the next few weeks in order to make sure I understand what we’re doing in the lesson by looking over notes regularly to refresh my memory.

For notes on the lesson see Lectures/Crits/Talks book, light pink tag labelled Header Files, pages 44 – 52.


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