Workshop with Jussi

The presentation that we had from Jussi was super interesting and I felt that it linked well with the theme I have been looking at recently for this second research phase. Bionics, cyborgs, and robotics all have been linked and are quite regularly used in Dystopian visions and storylines, therefore, I felt this day was very useful to me. 

The idea of design being about problem-solving and how we design to make things functional, easier to use and enjoyable was an interesting thought; however, I was more interested in the idea of using design to make things worse because I’m not a very nice person… 

From the Anthony Dunne talk, I also got some great ideas of how to start my idea process as it made me think about designing for a possible future, probable future and potential future and how they’re all different. By applying the question “what if” to my work, this speculative design could help improve my design process and the potential ideas that I come up with. I like the idea of designing how the world could be, especially with the rise in the use of technology, so I feel this lecture was really interesting and beneficial for my chosen theme. 

The mind maps that we did later on in groups was quite fun and interesting to do. We looked into how to make things worse, which brought the evil side out of everyone. Although it was primarily fun, I did see how thinking about a dystopian future or making life worse could help to influence our ideas. Nowadays a lot of our problems are unfixable and instead we need to change our values and behaviours accordingly to adapt. I will hope to use this ‘Evil Design’ mind map idea of my own research when it comes to the end of this second research stage. 

For notes on Yussi’s talk, see Lectures/Crits/Talks, dark pink tab labelled Yussi’s Workshop, pages 53 – 56.


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