Back to Basics – Dr. James’s Lecture

Today was a tricky day. It was clear that other members of the year were upset that we all had to go back to the basics when some people were understanding the previous lectures. I personally was understanding the concept and theory of the previous lessons however I was struggling to remember how to structure code and how to design code – it was having a domino effect when coming to exercises in lessons so I felt I did need to go back and revisit topics.

Unity coding screenshot.jpg

The task was to create a movement script and make the character jump too. Unfortunately, I hadn’t touched Unity in months (since last semester of last year) and had completely forgotten how Unity worked and even how to set it up. I took a severe knock to my confidence today which is frustrating.

I feel the problem for me is that I understand code when I look at it, to a degree, but when it comes to writing it from scratch, my mind goes blank; I don’t know how to structure the code. One lesson a week is definitely not enough time to learn coding and unfortunately, there really isn’t a lot of time outside of these lessons to push our learning due to demands from other subjects that affect grades. More tests like the one that Dr James made last year would help people like me a lot more and it would help my confidence to practise outside of uni. I know that it helped me a lot last year as I realised I knew more than I thought I did and in turn, it improved my confidence. Having these tests on a weekly basis or bi-weekly basis could really help coding to sink into those who are less confident. Even if it meant doing it in our free time, doing these tests for a half hour would mean that we can practise which could help us all code more efficiently. 

Dr James made a great help sheet which I will be keeping a firm hold of. See it in Lectures/Crits/Talks, light pink tag labelled Back to Basics, pages 57 and 58.


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