Starting the Research Game Project Document – Version 1

This is the brief start that I have made to the document. Over the following weeks, I will be adding to it as I develop my project. I plan to keep on top of this by revisiting the document whenever something significant changes. There are some areas that I’m not sure I understand yet, however I will look into these later rather than stress out about them now. I can see how one of these research documents are useful within the industry and will be looking to use them in the future to keep on top of projects and their direction.

Project Name:



So far, my project has led me towards the idea of bionics, artificial intelligence, body enhancement and neuroplasticity or to cut it short – Future Evolution, I guess. I am interested in how our lives will differ in the future, what the possibilities are and whether our life span could increase dependent on technology. I want to play around with these themes within my ideation process to come up with some intriguing game ideas, whether it be a narrative based element or mechanics based.

My research so far has taken me on a long journey from space to human evolution (past) and now present. I have recently been looking into how humans are adapting and evolving to tasks due to disabilities or in general trying to improve their bodies such as like with the Cyborg Foundation. See Sketchbook 1, purple tag labelled Cyborg Foundation, pages 80 – 82. These artists have turned to technology to improve the body, the mind or whatever you choose. They often take inspiration from animals and how they adapt to their ever-changing surroundings.

This leads me on to Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short. We currently program AI with algorithms and such in order to create logical outcomes. Yet I have more recently been looking at how there will reach a point in the near future (say 50 years or so) where AI will become smarter than us and in effect will be able to program themselves.  We will then be the inferior species as we will no longer have a use and AI has been predicted to take over from us like we did to the apes. Although it feels like this has been done many times in recent TV and Films, I still feel there is plenty scope to play around with ideas to create a great game.


Personally – like to make something that will make people think about these areas of my interest and see either the benefit or the problem (I haven’t decided yet).

Professionally – AI is very ‘now’ so I feel that this could pick up some interest.

User Experience:

Audience: 16+ as AI and medicine/implants are tricky subjects. It may even need to be an 18+.

Competitive Analysis:

Critical Analysis:


Project content:


Functional Specifics:

Project Structure:

Scrum and Kanban approach using Trello – been effective in my past projects.


Design Appendix:






Development Screenshots:



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