Presentations and Workshop of Objectives

For Notes on Presentation, see Sketchbook 2, orange tab labelled Presentations Cyborg, page 21.


I felt my presentation didn’t go as well as I had planned. In my head, I was certain as to what I was looking at and what areas I was looking into, yet when I was speaking about my research it felt all confused and muddled up. I feel that I will sit down at the next available free time (after the afternoon workshop) and pin down what I’m excited about and get enthusiastic about it to then push through into my ideas process in these three weeks. 

After looking at everyone else’s presentations, I quite like the idea of Millie’s futuristic and sustainable environments as it links to my themes well. I’ve been getting ideas of how we can merge together our ideas and research in order to create a game of some sorts.

James’s presentation on Lucid Dreaming and nightmares I feel is exciting and interesting – merging this sort of area along with my theme gives me the idea of a Black Mirror feel which is current at the moment. As all three of us are looking at contemporary issues and ideas, we have discussed that we would like to combine our work and create a game together. We will be reconvening after the weekend so that it gives us all time to look into the feedback that we all got given on Etherpad earlier today. (see below for the notes from the Etherpad. I am likely to look more into stories and narrative as this could spur me to think of new ideas or twists on other themes and ideas.)



This was relatively useful to do as the learning objectives and outcomes irritate me as they are vague and bland. By deconstructing them all together as a group it meant that we were able to mix ideas together and figure out what we can gain from this and apply it to our work.

By dissecting these objectives, it has given me a better understanding of these as well as giving me a bit of reassurance that I’m on the right track at the moment. I tried to look at a wide range of research, more so than the last few projects that I’ve worked on, so I tried to push myself which I feel has helped me to get more valuable research to inform my ideas – as now I have so many ideas and need to narrow them down! 

1-1 with Adam

See Lectures/Crits/Talks book, orange tab labelled 1-1 with Adam, pages 59 – 60 for notes on talk.

This was helpful for me to understand how I get my head around all of these elements that I’ve looked into at the moment – Body enhancement, AI, Neuroplasticity etc. We discussed what sort of game I want this to be which has to be the first thing that I come up with. After my 1-1, I feel like I am more likely to head towards making a powerful narrative with great visuals to make people feel something, whether it be good or bad. 
It’s been advised that I look into ‘narrative structure’ if this is the way that I am headed as if I’m doing this, then I want to make sure that I don’t mess it up by being wishy-washy. It has also been advised that I see Dr Calum Kerr once I have more of an idea of where I’m going – or I could ask him to help brainstorm a variety of story ideas! I will try and do this in these 3 weeks but it doesn’t matter too much if it spreads into the next two-week phase. 

I’m feeling more excited about my project now and so I feel that I’m going to knuckle down this weekend in order to look at the feedback that I have been given today and expand on this. Once we reach Monday, I will be sitting down with James and Millie and I believe the plan is to collate all our research, figure out what we like if we’re certain we want to work together and if so, what are we going to scrap. We will then start off by using Andy’s ideas workshop we did last year where we mashed different ideas together along with mechanics and locations in order to create a variety of new ideas.


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