Dr James’ Lecture – Designing Code

Today’s lesson helped me a lot; Dr James has decided to do more of 1-1 basis with everybody in order to help us all with our own personal advancements. As there was a small handful of us that were looking to work on similar things, we were brought together as a group and began to revisit how to structure code from scratch.


I found this lecture really useful. I actually managed to design the code which gave me more confidence. I still am not quite sure how to go about doing the transition from designing code to the computer, yet as Dr James said, this designing process and working out the fundamentals is still an important part. 

After this lesson, I feel like I want to try and do more designing of code for simple things to get into practice. Maybe I could try and work out a prototype for my game this way from some of my ideas that I’ll be creating.

For notes on the lecture, see Lectures/Crits/Talks book, light pink tab labelled Designing Code, pages 61 – 68.

Idea Generation with Millie and James. 

See Sketchbook 2, blue tab labelled Idea Generation, pages 43 – 52 for Group Idea Generation.
See Sketchbook 2, blue tab labelled Individual Idea Gen, pages 53 – 60 for Individual Idea Generation.

We gathered as a group to brainstorm some of the areas that we were interested in and figure out how they could possibly connect. This was a fun and exciting exercise as we came up with a variety of different ideas and there are a few which we are excited to develop and see what happens with them already. 

We started using Andy’s workshop from last year in order to create a load of ideas, whether they were awful or not. It did work quite well so we’ve decided that as we are all going to be away from each other tomorrow, we shall individually work on more of this technique in order to come up with a variety of ideas when we combine Thursday. Thursday, we will come together again, collate everything we’ve worked on and try out some more ideation techniques.

The aim is that on Friday, we will go through all of our ideas and pick a maximum of 10 that we are interested in doing.  From there, we will use the next week to start prototyping the ideas and see what works and what doesn’t. This will help to inform our final three choices in the following week after that. 


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