Group Idea Generation

See Sketchbook 2, blue tag labelled Idea Generation, pages 45 – 52 for Group Ideation.

We used the weekend to follow up on feedback and extra research we were informed with from the Etherpad session on Friday. Today, we started the ideation process by highlighting all three of our themes and looking into how they could connect from the off just by doing a simple brainstorming technique. 

Once we had done a brainstorm on how the three of our themes connected together, we did a workshop that we did previously last year with Andy. It was useful to revisit this technique as it offers a wide variety of ideas that you wouldn’t necessarily think of on your own. Sure, there are some really bad ideas that come up, but when you think about it, no idea is a bad idea as this may lead you on to something bigger and better. 

As we were to be separated as a group due to personal issues, we decided that we would continue to use the workshop method we were using today but on our own just to see what else we could possibly come up with. I think this is a good idea as we can always reconvene on Thursday and jam together more ideas based on the ones we had individually. 

See Sketchbook 2, blue tab labelled Individual Idea Gen, pages 53 – 60 for Individual Idea Generation.

We will be joining together Thursday to continue Andy’s workshop as well as look for another creative thinking technique to help us create interesting and innovative ideas. The goal is by the end of Friday to be in a place where we have a range of ideas that we will have expanded into more detail so that we can look at what we can try to get on with prototyping and testing.  


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