Group Idea Generation – Round Two with Millie and James

See Sketchbook 2, blue tab labelled Take 2 Idea Gen, pages 61 – 73.

Today we started off by thinking about using Andy’s workshop, yet after a link that I found late last night, we figured we would give the Sub-Umbrella technique a shot too as this was something new and interesting to do.

It was essentially what Andy’s workshop was based around, however, this time, you take your theme and break it down into elements. For instance:


  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Football
  • Injury


So, we each did this with our own themes. Millie’s was infrastructure, Jame’s was dreams and I had AI/Cyborg as they both closely interlink and the whole group are interested in both areas. 

The technique is supposed to only be done with two themes, however, we tried it with three and it still worked well. Instead of using dice this time, we made our own number generator using a technique we used to use at school (fortune teller). It ended up being super effective – here is an example.

We did three goes of this workshop before running out of ideas – it had been a long day! We asked Bobbie and Claudia (as asking peers was something that was suggested in creative thinking strategies online) to help by giving their own opinions which helped massively. We got a few more ideas squeezed out before deciding to call it quits for the day.

We then decided to collate all of the ideas that we thought were interesting and wanted to work on all in one place (see the above top right photo).  Once we had these all together, we realised that on their own, some of the ideas weren’t very strong so we began the process of pairing up ideas that could work well together to give the ideas more substance.

This worked brilliantly, so much so, we now have 7 rough ideas that are looking to be quite solid. As we are already nearly one week out of three into creating 3 concrete ideas, we have felt that it is best to take these 7 ideas and flesh them all out. By doing this, we can start prototyping as a group to see if parts of the games would work and if not, could we change it in any way etc etc. I am going to challenge myself this term by working on some of the concept prototyping for settings and levels as well as taking a coding area to try and work out how we could do this. I’m nervous but as I have Millie and James – both who are confident in coding, I am sure I’ll be able to do this as if I get stuck I have them on hand as well as Dr James and his sessions to help progress this work. 

We expanded one of the 7 ideas today which was good fun. By thinking about the setting, mechanics and hazards we were able to flesh out the game to a point where we could prototype areas. If we do this for the other 6 ideas then hopefully we can come out with a lot of different prototypes to test if our game ideas actually work or not.
We are aiming to get the expansion of ideas done today so that over the reading week we can get a fair amount of prototyping done so that in the final week, we can finish prototypes and progress to making three concrete ideas from this. 


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