Making Dream Prototypes

I decided to have some more fun with the Bell Jar project. As I was going through my list of things to do, I was thinking about how great it would be to create physical dream jars. As I’ve primarily been given elements of Bell Jar to work on, I felt that I’ve quite a clear vision of how I feel the jars could look but by leaving it up to science, we could get some better results.

Below is a compilation video that I made. Millie had made some music samples for Belljar so I used one sample to give a feel to the video – all music credits go to Millie. 

Hats off to Mum too for letting me trash her dining room with glitter, oil and aspirin…

I found a video online which used oil, water, food colouring and aspirin in order to make these awesome visuals where it looks similar to a lava lamp but yet there’s some element about it that looks quite dream-like. I tried to recreate this yet I tried different things such as glitter to see if this added more of a sparkle. 

Unfortunately, as you’ll see by the video, the results weren’t overly brilliant and certainly not that of the video that was online. However, I found along the way that the more oil you use, the better it looks – yet I’d already gone through two bottles already. At least I have an idea of how to make them better next time. 

There were a lot of failed experiments yet by the end, I started looking into the jars themselves and started thinking about what they looked like to me. I had a lot of great imagery come to mind. For instance, in the red and yellow experiment, I thought that the bubbles of the aspirin and the glitter created a palace made of intricate stone that had the style of a coral reef. I could imagine creatures in the distance (some pretty cool bubbles) just from looking at the jar and picking out movements and shapes. In the future, doing something physical like this and then turning it into art could help in order to prototype as well as gain new ideas; was very useful and would do again.

See Sketchbook 3, purple tab labelled Dream Jar Prototype, pages 2 – 5 for sketches and the documentation process. I forgot to do it earlier, so it’s in a different book…


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