Soundtrack Prototype

I have done some extensive research into character customisation over the past day or so and therefore have decided to take a break from this in order to focus on something more light hearted. 

James, Millie and I probably have completely different ideas as to what the music for Bell Jar should sound like, so I proposed that we all work on the music individually in order to see how we all interpret the game idea. 

You can find our music on our dropbox, Emergency Salt RoomThe two that I worked on are called:

Bell Jar Thing

Bell Jar Thing 2 

Creative I know…
I have documented the process I went through in my sketchbook (see Sketchbook 2, purple tab labelled Bell Jar Music, pages 131 – 134). Garageband has been a really useful application to use in order to quickly prototype potential ideas. I will definitely be using this in the future to inspire my games and ideas. 
It was strange that both Millie and I both chose the strings. This is good to know as it means we’re obviously both on the same page with what sort of music Bell Jar could have – maybe we could work together to make music for the game if we decide to take it forward? I feel that I’m not as musically advanced to work on something like that by myself but through teamwork, we could create something pretty cool. Alternatively, we could get in touch with the music department in Southampton and ask if they could make some samples for us based off of the description we give them and the feel we are aiming for. Millie also has a music student contact in Bath who she’s worked with previously and he produces beautiful work. We would need to bear this in mind if we take Bell Jar forward – or any game.


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