5 Days (Hitman) Storyboarding

Today I decided to take a break from Bell Jar and work on 5 Days (Hitman) instead as we need to make sure we look equally at all of our seven ideas in order to be able to make good decisions as to what three ideas we develop into solid ideas for the presentation next Friday.

I recapped on the game idea using the Idea Generation Document and began to develop a little more personally what I thought the character could be like. As I’m in charge of prototyping the opening cutscene of the game, I needed to have some sort of character to work with in order to figure out what sort of camera angles could work alongside lighting etc. See Sketchbook 2, purple tag labelled 5 Days Storyboarding, pages 144 – 146 for the start of the process.
This character, if we choose to take 5 Days on, would end up being developed into something with more substance and more research driven; this was just a quick fix so that I could get on with figuring out the opening story and how I would convey that as a cut scene. I will revisit this and its storyboard after our team meeting.

Team Chat

We had a quick group meeting as we had been keeping in contact over the formative feedback week and didn’t feel we needed to take too long on updating each other on progress. 
We’d been doing this regularly and have also been able to see first hand what’s being produced through the use of our team Dropbox. We’d realised that we had spent an awful lot of time on Bell Jar, Delta and 5 Days so we made a list of what other prototypes we could make to test:

  • Lucidity – Storyboard for the start
                     – Storyboard or make animation for onion example
  • City Dreamers – Concept Art
                                 – UI – relationship/trade/mission interface
  • The Sleepers – Lore writing (Bloodline of Somnus and the Guard)
                              – Thumbnails of environment (monochrome)
                              – Class Design
  • 100 Wishes – Concept Art
                           – Twine branching narrative
  • Delta – Concept Art

From this list, I am more drawn to doing the Lucidity onion example, thumbnails for Sleepers and concept art for 100 wishes. This gives me a chance to push my boundaries with storyboarding and digital artwork as I’ve never painted in monochrome before – I’ve always been a ‘finished piece’ sort of person so this will push my skills. I look forward to working on these. 

Millie and James have already made a start on the Class Design for The Sleepers whilst I was travelling back from home today. They’ve made a really great start by expanding on what they classes are and their abilities etc. They have mentioned that it may be an idea for me to look over them and expand on them if I have any more ideas. This will be something that I am likely to do later on after the above have been done as then it means we have a larger variety of prototypes for different game ideas. 

Below are the pictures of the Class Designs that they worked on:

I didn’t get a chance to start the storyboarding 5 Days today so I will return to this after Andy’s lesson on Flocking.


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