Andy’s Workshop in the iLab – Flocking

I signed up to Andy’s workshop on Flocking that ran today. I didn’t know too much of what to expect but I learnt a lot and it was a mentally tiring and challenging workshop.

I made a document showing my progress through the workshop through screenshots and notes. You can find it on my memory stick in the folder called Coding – Andy’s Workshop iLab..

Andy first started by taking us through the brief basics of HTML and how to make general stuff. I hadn’t touched HTML in… about 7 years(?!) but found this really useful to look at as it ended up being really quite simple and something that I could easily do and make myself.

html tryout.png

The HTML tryout I did for fun

I found this workshop very helpful in many ways. I felt that this helped me to improve my confidence in coding with different languages. When we got to the later exercises, they definitely increased with difficulty but I was pleased that I still managed to keep a basic understanding of what was going on. 

This workshop also helped me to further understand our C languages that we’ve been working on with Dr James. It turned out that all of these languages tended to have similarities between them and whilst discussing with Andy how to program with JavaScript, he would ask about how you would do these sorts of things in C++ or C# and when Millie and Aaron would reply, it seemed to all slot together with more clarity. 

Doing this workshop has definitely helped me with progressing my core skills and it makes me feel more confident in myself that I can make things happen on a screen with code. I feel that I have definitely progressed recently in trying to understand coding languages. Taking the code to the laptop is about ‘translating it into French’ which I am not so good at right now. But these workshops have definitely helped to restore confidence in myself. It would be nice to try and work out how I could code some of the prototypes I’ve been given to do – such as the character customisation.


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