5 Days Storyboarding – Crazy Eights

I continued working on the 5 Days storyboard prototype for the opening cut scene today. I had four potential debt ideas for the storyline so I did storyboards for each of them. I’ll get feedback on them tomorrow from the team and other people who are in our target audience so I know which one I will take forward to a more refined prototype.
I was looking at ways to nail good storyboard ideas and I found a website which gave some great advice about generating ideas quickly. 

See here.

I took number 4’s idea on the list which was called ‘Crazy Eights’. With this technique, you fold a blank piece of paper four times so you end up with eight panels when you unfold the paper. Once you’ve done this, you have five minutes to draw the eight sketches – so forty seconds per panel. It’s a good way to crank variations out quickly and also works well to loosen your creative muscles as you’re not focusing on making them perfect.

So you know the stories I’ll explain here:

Debt 1 = first row across. 
 You needed a new liver and took out a loan for it. You can’t pay it back and the loan sharks aren’t happy with you. 

Debt 2 = second row across.
 Your daughter is dying and needs a new heart. You steal her one and someone witnessed you doing so; they’re now blackmailing you.

Debt 3 = third row across.
 You killed someone by accident and the witness is threatening you.

Debt 4 = fourth and final row across.
 You’re a biohacker, which is strictly forbidden in society, and someone knows about it; they’re blackmailing you to pay for their silence.

In my sketchbook, I’ve written up the individual opening cut scenes in more detail if you wish to see more details of this. See Sketchbook 2, purple tab labelled Storyboard Continued, 148 – 157. The next step for this prototype is getting feedback from my team and people in our target audience. Tomorrow will be a better day for this so I will stop doing this prototype and work on another one for now. I will make a start on The Sleepers environment thumbnails by doing some research into Ancient Egypt settings and architecture. From these, I will produce some initial sketches before transforming them into monochrome thumbnails.


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