1-1 Feedback with Adam

See formative feedback sheet in Sketchbook 2, orange tab labelled 1-1 Formative Feedback, page 184.

This session was very useful as I often struggle with knowing if I’m on the right track and doing the right thing throughout projects. 

Having someone else look through my blog briefly helped me to understand that although I know my way around the blog, it may not be clear to others as to where to find things and so I need to think about how to overcome this. I’m planning to do some user testing with my blog to see if people understand the structure and can navigate themselves easily around without missing out sections or getting confused. I will try and get people who are not used to technology to test this as then I’ll be able to tell whether I’ve made the structure too complicated or not.

So far, it seems that my strengths lie in Knowledge and Understanding, I just need to be clear on making sure I have explained in detail how my research has been applicable to the ideas that we have been coming up with. I will be revisiting my blog posts in order to see if I have covered this and will be making a separate post which is clearly demonstrating how I used my research within the idea generation phase. This will help me to possibly develop some of the ideas further if I feel that I could use more of my research within them. 

For Subject Specific Intellectual and Research Skills, I need to be more concise and critical of the ideas that I am less interested in and be more reflective. I have been trying to do a variety of prototypes for several of the seven ideas we had from the filtered down idea generation workshops that we did as a team in order to see what could be feasible. Unfortunately, I feel I have been spending too much time worrying about getting so many done that I haven’t been enthused about what I’m doing. When talking to Adam, he mentioned that it is obvious that there are some ideas that I’m not interested or invested in and so suggested I work on the ones that I feel are my favourites. I agree with this as it may mean that I end up developing better prototypes as I am feeling more creatively invested in the projects.
In terms of working on my reflection, I will go back to using the sheet that Andy gave us last year on reflective writing as it helped me to be able to structure how I write in a better manner. 

I also seem to be doing well in the Transferable and Generic Skills section, however, as mentioned above, I need to make sure that my blog is structured well and is easy to navigate through. 
Another pointer that Adam gave me was about really considering my three game ideas presentation. Myself, James and Millie have been working in a team for roughly three and a half weeks now and so we feel it would be a better use of everyone’s time if we did a joint presentation and took on an idea each.There are some clear favourite ideas which the team have all voiced and we seem to be in agreement of these three:

  • Bell Jar
  • 5 Days
  • Delta

James has made a survey which details our seven game ideas and asking the target audience if they’d want to play them. We thought this would help us in choosing the final three games as it could be useful to see what our target audience wants from video games now that they are becoming so popular. We will be looking at the feedback on Monday and reflecting on the process before then going into detail about the chosen ideas and sorting out game presentations. We will use our creative judgement as to whether we leave the decision to the audience or not as there also isn’t much point working on a game that you’re all not excited about. 

I understand that we don’t have to feel committed to being a team yet, however, after working together in the first year and myself and James working together last year, we feel that we are a strong team that has varying skills. In my eyes, Millie, for instance, has skills in narrative, art/design and coding. James has skills in modelling, design, coding and team leadership. I feel I have skills in research, art and design. Once we’ve decided on the game ideas we’re going to move forward with, we should figure out what roles we will be wanting to take on in the upcoming project/semester. This will help productivity and help us to make a more developed game.

Overall, I feel the 1-1 went well and I feel that I am in a good place at the moment. I will be looking to revisit all of my blog posts nearer the end of the deadline to make sure they are all concise, critical and reflective. The user testing of my blog also will occur a little nearer to the deadline as one of the final steps as hopefully, this won’t take too much time. I will be using my Trello in order to make sure that I leave an adequate amount of time for these tasks.
We have also been discussing having a blog which we all use and tag us as authors etc so it is clear who is working on what. It’ll also be useful for the team as we can see what everyone is doing and can feedback or help if it is needed. 


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