The Sleepers Environment Thumbnail Prototypes

As another one of my prototypes, I took to creating environment thumbnails for The Sleepers game idea we had. I hadn’t ever made an environment thumbnail before so I thought it would be a good way for me to broaden my skills.
As we haven’t got an idea for a colour scheme yet either, I worked in monochrome instead so I could craft the piece using values of black and white. This was a real challenge for me as I hadn’t ever painted in monochrome either so I was trying to improve my drawing skillset. 

These are some of the drawings that I made from research images off of Pinterest. This helped me to think creatively about what sort of possibilities I could produce for the environments just by using the architecture as a base structure. This gave me lots of ideas to take forward that I could use as part of an inspiration for the environment thumbnails.

For more sketches and ideas, see Sketchbook 2, purple tab labelled Sleeper’s Environments, pages 158 – 174.

Above are the thumbnails that I produced, look at the end of sketchbook 2 and beginning of sketchbook 3 for the development process. I felt that the red in the last one was needed as I imagined that these lit up whenever there was danger around.

For the monochrome research inspiration, see Sketchbook 2, purple tab labelled Monochrome Research, pages 175 – 180.

See Sketchbook 2, pages 181 – 83 for the development of the first thumbnail.

See Sketchbook 3,  purple tab labelled Other Two Thumbnails, pages 6 – 10 for the development of the other two environment thumbnails.

Originally, I was doing the first thumbnail when I was encountering problems with my values. I wasn’t able to create thumbnails that balanced correctly so I went to see Sylvia in the second year as this is the way she often works so is a pro at it. She taught me about the idea of values and how not to be afraid to use black in my work. Having this fifteen minute one to one was very valuable as not only did she explain the colour theory of values, Sylvia also taught me some shortcuts on Photoshop to help me along with my work. 
I feel that this was very useful as it has helped me to think more about light and dark within my artwork. With this knowledge, I can create better pieces of artwork that better represent some sort of realism. 

Doing this for The Sleepers has made me think about what I can do for some of the other game ideas. I will use my new knowledge of monochrome concepts to work on some more for different ideas, however, I’ll wait until we pick a final idea. This way I can focus on the one idea and create a vast amount to see what works and what doesn’t – this could help us decide on environment design.




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