The 1-1 that I had with Adam today was useful. The team weren’t here, so it meant that I could get some advice on the areas that I’m working on. Recently, I’ve been stressing a lot about the amount of stuff that I’ve been assigned for the GDD, yet after speaking with Adam I feel more confident that I’m on the right track, however, I’m developing too quickly; this has made me more reassured.

Notes from 1-1

  • Grab initial sketches – text and stuff what it would feel like with sketches and photos – almost telling a story 
  • Then some isometric ones to show the environment – show and feel with sketches. Tell the story, what the look and feel would be with screens and sketches and then take a concept and make it isometric to show what would hope to look like
  • aim to have a document that facilitates deep dive research in semester 2 – exhibits – castles medieval, Arundel castle – pictures, video
  • British library labs collections for characters
  • Go to the library and look for artists books on fantasy illustration
  • Locking down too soon, more open and be a resource in order to deep dive i.e logo is getting somewhere – good for the document but next semester, we iterate lots more. Stuff doesn’t need to be nailed down – if rushed now then will look like shit. overcomplicating it in making it too finished. 
  • On GDD, add next steps: exhibitions, artists etc 
  • Github – issues and features – Must haves, show stoppers (lists of features and categorising them – if inc = ? if not = ? )
  • Why did we choose Iso, why high fantasy – make sure this is all documented in books etc.

Following this 1-1, I’ll be passing on the notes and information from Adam to the rest of the team so they’re aware that the speed in which we’re going is too fast and we need to reign it back a bit.
I will also be taking the majority onboard and begin applying this to my work. I am slightly annoyed at myself that I’ve been stressing myself out when essentially I am doing the right sorts of things. I need to think about what I’m designing for in order to make sure I get a good look and feel, description and visualisation sorted for the GDD for the certain jobs I’ve been given. 


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