Environment Design – Inspiration and Research

The first of my tasks was to figure out what the environments for the shop and the garden were going to look and feel like; James is working on the Dungeons.

Due to our game being Fantasy based, I thought about what sort of time period in history could fit this sort of aesthetic. I did some preliminary googling until I came across some images on Pinterest that I felt suited the look of what we’re wanting to achieve:

These are from the Medieval time period. With their beautiful decoration, quirky structures and rustic look and feel, I felt these perfectly summed up the right sort of aesthetic we’re aiming for Belljar. 
Once I’d got all these images together, I thought about other sorts of games that use a similar look to see if I could get any more inspiration from them. Of course, Skyrim was one of the first ones to spring to mind, however, Millie introduced me to a game called Wafku. Skyrim has the visual inspiration whereas Wafku is an Isometric game and so shows what can be illustrated in the Isometric parameter which was useful. 
From these, I did some doodles and sketches of some of the possibilities (which you can find in Sketchbook 3 signposted with the yellow tab ‘Environment Design’ on page 46-61) of what the shop environment could look like and what assets could be in there.

From these sketches and by making Pinterest boards, I will be creating sketches of potential concepts as inspiration and a resource for the GDD for next semester. 

Just from doing some brief research into Medieval structures, I have begun to compile a list of places in which I feel it would be beneficial to visit next semester to get some first-hand research to develop and improve designs:

  • Bodiam Castle, Robertsbridge
  • Chiddington Castle, Kent
  • Arundel Castle, Arundel (open from April 1st, 2017) 
  • Cornmarket Street, Oxford (24-26)

I also found a book that I’ll be looking to take out too:

  • Early Medieval Architecture – Stalley, Roger.
    ISBN: 0192842234
    Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999
    At the WSA Library in Long Loan

I will now go forward in making mood boards to influence and inspire designs and sketches as I start to flesh out what sorts of assets will be in the set environments, what’s needed in order to play the game etc.


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