Dream Lab (The Potion Room)

Overview of the Dream Lab:

The place where dreams are made. No, literally. This is where the Player will create their dream potions by using the crafting table and research. The Player will use the ingredients that they harvested from their garden as well as the rare ingredients that they found in Dungeoneering in order to create a specific potion; currently, there are ten potions they can make.
By playing the crafting mini-game, dependent on how well the Player does, the quality of ingredient can be affected which in turn affects how much profit you receive from the customers and commissions.


The next environment that was on my list to create was the Potion Room, now aptly named Dream Lab. Click the link above to see my Pinterest inspiration board for this room. I used keywords such as ‘apothecary’, ‘potions’ and ‘Medieval’ in order to get these results as I felt these were the words that best described the sort of aesthetic that fit Belljar. Here are some of the key examples I thought were the best fitting the description:

From images like these, I made some sketches and concepts as to what the potion room could look like and the potential colour scheme. I found assets that I didn’t even think about when considering what could be in the environment such as utensils and recipe papers (as silly as it sounds as these should have been the first things to spring to mind) By researching into this, it has helped me to develop a better idea for the Dream Lab. (See Sketchbook 3, yellow tab Potions Room, pages 92-105).


Harry Potter Films – Potions Classroom

I thought about what existing media showed the similar look and feel that we’re going for in terms of the Dream Lab setup. This is where the Harry Potter series came to mind, in particular, the Potions classroom. The bottles alongside the wall on large shelves full of ingredients, the crafting table in the middle – it just looks similar to how I imagine Belljar to be set out. 
I created a couple of concepts as to what I felt the rooms could look like. I felt that it needed to be visually interesting and quirky in order to fit the fantasy theme of the game. There were some possible complications that I thought of – for instance, the room in the top concept of image 1 (see below) was circular and I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to model this. Although I felt this one was the most interesting, I’m not sure how it will work and therefore will keep it on the back burner for now. 
Instead, the second concept underneath it seemed more feasible and so I continued to play around with that one more by adding in assets and moving furniture around the room (see image 2): 

Colour Scheme

The team collectively came together to see what image from the inspiration board best suited the colours we were aiming for in the potion room. We needed them to be relatively bright in order to get the right feel across of making fantasy potions. We all felt that the below image was perfect as it gave off a happy, charming and quirky feel to it so I went to work gathering some colours from this using Adobe Colour. 

These brought a wide range of colours that we can use. I may not have displayed this very well in the actual concept I took forward to Isometric as I somehow made everything look too yellow. This will be looked at next semester and we may adjust the colours slightly. One thing I wanted to make sure was that we had a different colour on the walls in every room that you go into so that the player is aware of what room they’re in. I.e. Red could be the shop front, purple the potion room, orange the library etc. I will be aiming to do this in every concept I do.

isometric-dream-creation-roomThis above image is the concept that I drew Isometrically based on another sketch I had previously created. I am relatively happy with the setup, however, I may choose to make the crafting table larger and more obvious as this is an important feature of the room. As this was mainly trying to show the set up of the room, the assets so much aren’t necessarily a worry as I will be working on those next semester and developing them a lot further through more research.

Next Steps

The next steps for this room will be looking more into Apothecaries and what assets you could find in there. As I have already started this through the inspiration mood boards, this sets me up steadily to get on next semester by looking into:

  • Watching Apothecary Melchior and look at the Apothecary set-up
  • Look into Pagan Apothecary websites for what sorts of things they sell


  • Visit Treadwell’s Books, London

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