Library and Bedroom

The last environment inside of the house library and the bedroom. I chose to combine them as the only items in the bedroom that would be needed would be the bed and the chest as this will be where you sleep/save and have the ability to change your clothes etc. Therefore, I made a decision to include these both in the same room as it will save on space and also reduce the number of environments needed – the Player also may get annoyed if they have too many rooms to go to.

Overview of the room:

This area of the house acts as a menu of sorts. The Player will use this room to access a number of things. These things include a chest where they can change their appearance, a bed which they can use as a save point and lastly the bookcase which holds all of their research. The research in the bookcases would have information on the ingredients and how they grow, recipes for the potions and it also keeps a record of what items the Player collected in their last Dungeoneering mission. This helps them to work out what exactly they are in need of from the Dungeon and what they already have before venturing off into the darkness below.


I made another inspiration board for the combined two rooms which you can find in my sketchbook (Sketchbook 3, yellow tab Library and Bedroom Design, pages 106-118) and also on my Pinterest board. Above are the select few that I felt worked the best in showing what the room would look like aesthetically.
Due to the parameters of working with an Isometric view, I have to be weary that elements such as the four-poster bed won’t necessarily work as it would block out some of the room unless we make the top of the bed translucent so you can see enough of the way through to see what you’re doing. Therefore I have thought about how we can make our way around it as well as designing another bed frame in case the worst happens and it’s not feasible. 

From the Inspiration board, I created some rough concepts of the sorts of furniture that I would expect to see in the room. (You can see more in Sketchbook 3, yellow tab Library and Bedroom Design, pages 106-118) The staple pieces would be a bed, chest, desk, bookcase. Any other assets would be items such as books, sheets of paper and maybe a quill and ink around in order to write down research. These will be the key items that I will be developing next semester after doing some more research into Medieval style furniture and libraries of that time.

The above were initial concepts that I made based off of the mood board and compared it with mood boards I made for the other environments. I did this so as to try and keep some sort of consistency between the rooms in the house so it didn’t seem disconnected. I tried to think about how to utilise the space effectively and so combined the desk and the bookcase in the second image above. It worked well to save on space and stop it from looking cramped however I’m not sure how it fits with the Medieval style. This will be something that I will have to work on when iteration for the assets is done.

Colour Scheme

Above, I selected the same picture that I had used for the shop front as I wanted to keep some consistency between the rooms of the house. I did, however, do a little tweaking of the colours so I got a bit more of a variety and still made it slightly different from the shop front itself. The image to the right of the colour scheme is the Isometric concept I made from the sketches I had made before. I feel that this room is quite well-laid out as there is enough room for the player to be able to navigate all of the interactive pieces of furniture – the desk, the bookcase, the chest and the bed.

Next Steps

In order to get some more visual ideas for assets, I will be looking to be visiting:

For the Library

  • The Old Bookshop, Winchester
  • The Bodleian Library, Oxford

For the Bedroom

  • The Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton (Open from 1st April 2017)
  • Early Medieval Architecture – Stalley, Roger.
    ISBN: 0192842234
    Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999
    At the WSA Library in Long Loan

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