Garden and Greenhouse Environments

The last two environments to work on were the Gardens and Greenhouse where the farming and harvesting will mainly occur. I’m making so them part of the same environment as the greenhouse lives in the garden, obviously… The way that I will be setting up the garden is so that we can choose as a team whether we make it so the player can expand their own garden as they level up or not. This will be something to be thought about as a later idea, first, we need to make sure we have all of the simple deliverables sorted before expanding too far and overcomplicating things. 

Overview of the Gardens and Greenhouse:

Luckily enough for the Player, a perk of owning the shop means that the attached land behind is all yours to do with as you please. The Garden and Greenhouse are situated at the rear of the Shop where the Player will be able to plant their regular farming ingredients. With a magnificent glass panelled Greenhouse that you’d expect to come from the Shire, surrounding forests and paths made from tree rings, it’s a place you could only imagine in your dreams.


From my Inspiration board, I chose these six main images as I felt they best represented the look and feel that we’re aiming to have in the Greenhouse and Garden. They’ve both got to interlink together as they are part of the same environment so they have to look similar in style and colour. 
In order to make the environment seem fantasy like, I tried looking up charming and quirky garden ideas on Pinterest and from this, I found some good images to produce some concepts with. For these images and concepts/sketches please see Sketchbook 3, yellow tab Greenhouse and Garden Design on pages 119-131).

These are a few of the sketches that I made based off of my Inspiration board. I thought about adding in a stepping stone path or making it a long path made up of trees as it gives the garden a fun and charming feel to it. One of the only issues, or challenges I should say, that could potentially alter the designs would be if it were too difficult to craft circular assets. This will be something that I will try and get James to play around with and prototype so that we can see if it will be feasible or not but this may have to come next semester. 

Colour Schemes

Left is the Garden whereas the right is the inside of the Greenhouse.
These were the two colour schemes I decided to go with. As they are both in the same environment, I needed to make sure that they had similar colours so as not to make them contradict each other. Due to the nature of a garden, I chose earthy greens and browns to compliment each other and give the impression of a luscious, well looked after garden. I’ve been thinking about how the farming and harvesting systems could effect the colours – maybe if you kill off your plants, they wilt and the colours of the garden become darker and murkier to signify this. This will be something that I will experiment with in the Farming and Harvesting Systems section.

Above are the Isometric concepts that I designed. In the first image of the Garden, there would be foliage and trees surrounding the back of the map to make it seem more garden-like however I felt that just the structure was just needed for now. In terms of the Greenhouse, being a circle seemed to reduce the amount of space however it may just need increasing size. This will be something we play around with next semester in terms of feasibility. 

I also began to think about what ingredients will need to be planted where so I started to do a little bit of research in order to see what sort of conditions our ingredients would need. Now that I have this written down, it will make it easier to structure the gardens for next semester. (See Sketchbook 3, yellow tab Growing Ingredients, pages 132-137) 

Next Steps

When into semester 2, I will be looking into the points below in order to develop the environments:

  • Fantasy Gardens Exhibition Video
  • Fairy Tale Gardens Video
  • Look into Alnwick Castle and Alnwick Fairy Tale Gardens
  • Ralph Court Gardens, Bromyard

Unfortunately, Alnwick Castle and gardens are too far away for me to travel to and too expensive to travel up to and therefore I will be relying on videos and images that other visitors have taken in order to help influence my work. 



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