Team Meeting and Discussion

Today we rejoined in the studio as a team for the first time since we broke up for the Christmas holidays. We’ve been keeping in contact via Trello, Facebook and Skype over the break yet it was still a lot better meeting in person as it meant we could look at each other’s work and discuss openly. 

First of all, we went through the list that we compiled earlier on in the project to see how much we’d accomplished. After taking off the areas that we’d completed we didn’t have much left to do, which was fantastic if not a little worrying.
To double check, I revisited my old blog, Selva, to see if we could have forgotten anything. I’m glad that I did this as it turned out we had forgotten some crucial things such as:

  • UI – Title screen, menu for farming
  • Music – Title screen, in game, dungeons etc
  • Gameplay/controls

I highlighted this to the team and we sat down to work out who would be taking on the extras in order to get these tasks completed. The list below is what we have left to do as a team:

  • Millie: UI
                  Commission Cards
  • James: Dungeon Ingredients
                  Putting things into the Design Appendix
  • Jess: Harvesting Mini-game
              Farming Ingredients

We feel that this is all manageable in the week and a half we have left until the deadline. James has taken it upon himself to add most of our things to the Design Appendix leaving us to go over it and write up our sections. This will reduce the amount of stress on everyone and help us to make a finished and polished GDD for us to work from next semester. 
I’m not too concerned with how much I have to do at the moment as I feel the farming ingredients should only take me 2-3 days maximum as I had already briefly started working on them after I was trying to plan out the Garden environment. In terms of the Gameplay and controls, I had already looked into this for the combat system and farming so it shouldn’t take me too long to work out how the main gameplay and controls would function. 
As for the Harvesting mini-game, this will be likely to take me the longest due to iteration and research so I will be accounting 6 days for this to make sure I cover every basis and create a fun, good game. 

Millie has also been working on the fonts and appendix which we have a full structure for now. It looks fantastic and polished already without our content in so I’m very excited to get everything in and finished. She also had a think about the name that we could have instead of Belljar as it was only a temporary name. The final name we all agreed on was Twilleir which we got from the idea of twilight and the study of dreams (oneirology). This being because twilight or night time is when we often are in dream states and the study of dreams is quite self-explanatory. The sound of the new name also sounds quite charming which is one of the key feelings we wanted to have for the game. 

Next step for me: Harvesting mini-game! Better get the largest one done and out of the way first…


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