Harvesting Mini-game Research

I took to playing some mini-games online for some inspiration for the Harvesting mini-game. We wanted the game to be interactive and immersive so having mini-games for the Crafting system and the Harvesting system means that the Player has some control over how their ingredients function. The plan is to make the mini-game fun with some sort of points system so it’s easier for the code to determine what sort of quality the ingredient will be.

I looked at these sites which were recommended by Bobbie:

Even though these were Flash games, they still offered a lot of inspiration and help to my research. I recorded a lot of the games that I played and I have compiled them into a video which you can see below:

There were a few games that had really simple mechanics and controls and worked really well such as Harvest Ranch. The gameplay was so simple and yet was one of the best mini-games that I played out of all of them. 
As they were mini-games, they all seemed to share a similar way of executing the games – simply. However, some of the games’ instructions were simple yet absolutely awful and they made no sense whatsoever. I had to make it up as I went along which in some games works well but in others, it just doesn’t and it makes the game unenjoyable.
My main aim for the harvesting system is for it to be fun, simple and have some sort of points system so it’s easy for us to design how the quality of ingredients becomes affected. I will be using the research I collated above to inspire designs, concepts and mechanics. 


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