Feedback on GDD

Today, we showed everyone our GDD as it stands currently. This was quite nervewracking as, obviously, we are very close to the deadline so we were all hoping that we wouldn’t need to make drastic changes in such a limited amount of time. It wasn’t too bad considering the size of the game we will be working on, however, there are some things to tie up.

I compiled a list of things that everyone contributed as feedback below:

  • How can you simply explain bits – something to use quickly and explain “Kickstarter” type of video
  • Nice to have a map of the world
  • Put about how you move through rooms
  • Next semester, look at History of Isometric Gameplay
  • Put in about it being single player
  • Make sure the losing condition is in the GDD – don’t meet quota, leads to bankruptcy etc
  • Think about dropping story mode and keeping endless. Build game and have bits of story – quests or on commission cards. Some sort of backstory to commissions. This War is Ours.
  • Think about play testing from the start of next semester. Get the mechanics nailed down.
  • Keep systems separate. What’s enjoyable about them? Could get complicated very quickly.
  • Make a rough timeline
  • What are our roles? Put them in the GDD

We have already briefly spoken as a team what sort of roles we will be undertaking next semester. These will be:

  • James – working on Ai and Modelling.
  • Millie – working on support Coding and AI
  • Jess – working on Art and Textures

However, I feel that we will be quite flexible with our roles as there are only 3 of us and we are being quite ambitious with the game we will make so I’m sure we will be crossing over and helping each other throughout next semester in order to achieve our goals. 

Things that I also picked up from our GDD as James went through it:

  • Make sure we’ve explained:
    – about doing an alpha build to Steam
    – The bedroom is used as a save point
    – It’s a 2.5d isometric 
    – Mockups for other shops and how you get to them/things

From all of these points, I’ve made a rough list of things that I will be taking on to fix or alter in the GDD. I have also made a brief plan for the rest of the next week until the deadline next Friday.
The points made really helped to put things into perspective as I was sure we had missed some things out as it is quite a large game. Workshopping was helpful as we got a range of notes and ideas to help improve the GDD. It all seems feasible to do but I guess I will just need to crack on and adjust plans accordingly. I plan to try and leave Thursday as a day to help Millie or James if they need it so that we can tie up loose ends and create a polished GDD ready for next semester.


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