Farming Ingredients Information Sheet

Carrying on from Sketchbook 3, yellow tab labelled Growing Ingredients, pages 132-137, I looked into furthering research into our chosen ingredients and how this could affect the gameplay in Twilleir’s farming system.

I thought about what we would need to know about the plants in order for us to be able to make adjustments with the quality of ingredient etc. It also would help the player know how to look after their ingredients in the farming part of the game. I compiled this list:

  • How long does it take to harvest?
  • How much sunlight do the plants require?
  • How much water do the plants require?
  • Does it grow better/ or worse next to certain plants?
  • Are there any bonuses/hindrances from this?

I then looked at a variety of sources online including gardening blogs to gather information on the ingredients. However, the plan would be next semester to contact someone who works in agriculture and gardening in order to get some first-hand advice on how these ingredients grow and update any information on the ingredients.

You can find the individual profiles in Sketchbook 4, green tab labelled Farming Ingredients, pages 54 – 63. It worked out quite well that there are a couple of plants that conflict and a couple that benefit each other so it means that I was able to work out bonuses and hindrances accordingly and so that it would make sense in the gardening world.

I then moved on to creating concepts for what the information sheets would have on them and what they would be structured like. You can see all of them in Sketchbook 4, green tab labelled Farming Ingredients, pages 64 – 68.

I asked the team for feedback on which one they felt worked best to get the information across to the Player. Simplicity was best as it meant that it was easy to read and pick up the necessary information. This was the concept that was chosen and I looked at drafting up a digital version too to see what it would look like with the colour scheme that Millie had created earlier on for the feel of the game. 

The next steps:

  • Talk to agriculturists and gardeners to confirm details about ingredients and get some extra information from them to create a realistic farming experience.
  • Work out the timings for the ingredients – 5 years is a little long to wait to grow a tree and harvest it… turn real-life times into feasible timings for the Player.

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