Level Up Concept Icons

Millie had been working on the system, Level Up and we were in need of some visuals to coincide with this for the GDD. It would help to provide us with some resources for next semester if we are wanting to change them at all.

I started off by looking at the work Millie had already completed on her blog and then tried to make some concepts of some of the points that she made. You can see these sketches in Sketchbook 4, blue tab labelled Level Up Concepts on pages 70 – 74. These are the pointers that I looked at from Millie’s blog:

Going off of what Millie had written here and in the GDD was scary as at first I didn’t know what she would be envisioning and so was afraid it could go horribly wrong. Yet after reading over everything, it was easy enough to figure out what was needed. This was also a good way to proofread and check over that what she was saying actually made sense; which it did!

We wanted to make sure that we’re in keeping with the style of the game so that it’s consistent and the concepts below are what the target audience chose as their favourites. They liked the fact that I had used the logo as it helps reaffirm it within the game. It was also labelled as easy to read and understand which made me feel better as I was a little worried that the numbers may be too squiggly to see. 

level-up-icon-conceptsSome good feedback we got was also that they thought I could have done something with the segments on the top of the logo to symbolise the levels instead of the numbers in the circle. It was mentioned that I could have it so that as you level up, another segment lights up as an animation. This was some great feedback which I will be looking to hopefully develop next semester as I won’t be able to do them now due to time constraints.


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