Research Trips and Timeline for Next Semester

We finished the GDD today, yay!

I decided to spend some time looking through our next steps to try and plan when we go on our research trips next semester.

I used the GDD to find the locations we were wanting to visit and then used Google maps to locate where they were to try and see if there were any that grouped together so that we sensibly use our time and resources next semester when visiting. We will be aiming to try and get all of the trips done within the first 2-3 weeks so that we start off strongly.

See Sketchbook 4, dark pink tag labelled Research Trips, pages 75 – 96 for more details on where we’re planning to go, routes and costs.

I tried to find the shortest routes that I could as well as trying to find the cheapest solution which worked well. It means that now, we have a budget each on how much we will be looking to spend in order to get the research and references we need. Considering we are going to hopefully be going on six trips around the South of the UK, the price isn’t too bad.
I was factoring in travel costs, so whether we’re travelling by car or whether by public transport as well as the admission fees for getting into the places. Planning this really helped me to then create the rough starting schedule for next semester. We all agreed that we often struggle to start the new semester so by already having a plan in place and getting the bulk of research started in the first few weeks should hopefully get off to a flying start.

For other notes on the schedule, please see Sketchbook 4, dark pink tag labelled Next Sem Schedule on pages 97 – 99, otherwise the schedule itself is below:


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