Twilleir Photo Shoot

Today Millie and I decided to go to the Common in Southampton as the weather was beautiful and felt the environment mirrored the feel we’re wanting to have in Twilleir. It was also a perfect opportunity to use the race/character designs that Millie created to bring them to life; it will be a helpful resource for next semester.

Below are a selection of images that we took:

We both got very into the roles that we had to portray and this made the photos that came out of it so much better. We now have a lot of first hand references that we can use in order to develop character concepts. As well as this, one thing that I thought about was next semester, we could do a similar shoot but this time, we could try and think about some of the attack moves the characters could have, shoot these and then we could have these to draw from. Either that or we record footage and then rota scope it in order to create animations; we will be bearing this in mind.

When it got darker, we wanted to try and shoot some of the potion making scenery that we had planned. This would help us to try and develop the environments and assets within them to make it more realistic rather than just ‘set-up’. The lights worked well in a lot of the shots which was great as we could potentially use these images as inspiration for a loading screen or a start up screen. 

Overall, I’m very glad we did this, despite freezing our asses off in the cold for 2 hours. It’s given us a lot of rich, visual references and research to play around with to help develop our concepts and designs.


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