Presentations and Workshop with Adam

In the morning session, we all presented our four themes and got live feedback due to the use of the Etherpad which was useful. I’d not heard of this before and it definitely proved helpful as everyone put down questions, films, books and other information that has now given me more starting points to research. I feel that I’m going to try and use this Etherpad in the future as it could prove useful in meetings to recall notes and ideas. What with the possibility of us combining into groups, this could prove effective.  

I also found after speaking in my presentation, I was more aware of what areas I was most interested in; this was The Universe and Humans. When I was talking through my subjects to the class, I found these were the easiest to talk about as I was most enthused about them. I found that this made my decision simpler to narrow down to one topic, so the presentations did end up being relevant and helpful.  

The afternoon session was not the best use of time that I could think of. Although the method we were using to do the workshop was interesting and useful in order to look into more of a variety of avenues and sources, having to spend an hour and a half on a topic that we wouldn’t look into meant that I was uninterested and didn’t offer much to the table. I could see the point in the exercise, it just wasn’t one that we should have done in that way. I will be trying to use the flash cards we had in the workshop to do this task around my main topic later on.

The 1-1 was helpful. I was dithering between the Universe and Humans as on one hand, I love space and think it would be awesome to make a game based around this theme somehow, yet with the Humans theme, I was more interested in the bionics side of things as this is new and fresh where we still have so many unanswered questions.
After talking to Adam, I feel more confident that I will choose the theme Humans/Bionics theme as it means that I can investigate into an area I’m not too familiar with, learn new things and design awesome stuff! 

#excitingtimesatwsa right…

For notes on the 1-1, see Lectures/Crits/Talks book, orange tab labelled Presentations Adam, pages 42 – 43.


Science Field Trip!

14570330_10209958818863316_7329470742969186696_nFrom the very start of this project, I’ve been very certain that I’d like to look more into Science – in particular space! Therefore, I went along on a trip with others who were interested in looking into scientific themes and spent the day at the National Science Museum in London. I feel that as the museum is so huge, we could have easily spent two days there. There are so many exhibits on that it’s hard to get round and see them all; in future, I’ll bear this in mind and try and spend a longer time there.

As well as for research purposes, we also really wanted to visit the Wonderlab which opened that day as it looked awesome – this explained why it was busy with all of the school kids around. It was primarily meant for younger children but as it was an interactive area, we thought it could help to see what kids found interesting and cool. It was nice to see that they are still into tactile activities as well as digital.

There were so many cool and interesting parts in the museum, however, I feel the main areas that I would like to look into further are the Cosmos/Space as there are so many elements that I found interesting. For example, I found Space, Dangers in Space, Magnetisation etc really intriguing.  This way I can look at a wide range and filter this down later on for next weeks presentation.
I’m also thinking about looking more into the Human Universe after watching a Brian Cox Documentary episode but more so after the museum. There was a section about science and technology where I found some interesting experiments and adventures that are happening – especially to do with prosthetics and incorporating a sense of touch. I may use this as another of my four areas to research as there is so much potential there.

There was a wall with a handful of questions on that I thought were interesting and got me thinking such as:

“What if Aliens are already here, but they’re too small for us to see or hear?”
“Can we really live in Space?”
“Can we visit new worlds?”

These gave me an inspiration into further things that I could do some research into.

I feel that this trip was really beneficial to my learning as well as opening my eyes and mind to more areas to research. As I have spent a vast majority of this week focusing on Science topics, I will be looking more at my other themes that I was interested in such as Mythology, Afterlife, Goth and Escapism.

See Sketchbook 1, blue tab labelled Science Field Trip, pages 29 – 37 for first-hand research such as photographs, sketches and see my videos on Vimeo of interesting exhibits:


So today was the third day that I’d been brainstorming for this project, and to be honest, I’m getting very sick and tired of this!
I used the workshop that we had on Friday to help spur me on to the next set of areas to dissect and think about.

Once I felt that I had exhausted this technique, I then decided to move onto the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How principal to help me ask questions about the themes that I was working on; I thought this could help me think more laterally and in turn inspire richer ideas.

To a degree, this method did help me but I found myself asking the same sorts of questions after a while, so many themes would end up coming to the same dead ends or boring leads. In some instances like Goth Culture and Mythology, it opened up new doorways and now I feel intrigued and inspired to venture into these in more detail – so it did some use!
I may use this technique in future projects, yet I may try that as a group discussion as everyone thinks differently and has unique ideas – and fresh eyes are great to a project!

I have now (finally) narrowed down the original 13 areas to 5:

  • Time Travel
  • Afterlife
  • Goth Culture
  • Mythology
  • Escapism

I plan to investigate these areas now with research, books, videos etc in order to get a better idea about the topics. After I’ve gathered this research, I plan to do the De Bono Six Hat process in order to see if I can create any more areas specific to the 5 themes to delve into.

Project Launch

Today, we had our introduction to Year 3 where Adam laid out the plans for Semester 1 for us. Despite it feeling as if we weren’t  given an exact brief, it was quite liberating as we have an opportunity to look at some exciting things.
Below is the structure of the semester ahead. Now I have this structure, I’ll find it easier to figure out what time I have available in each section and what is expected of me:


Plan of Semester 1

For notes on the tutorial session, see Lectures/Crits/Talks book, orange tab labelled Tutorials, pages 7 – 15.

Having part of the lecture on business cards was beneficial as it’s a great way to network with people in something other than a digital way. They’re easily accessible, and if done effectively, it may increase the interest in your work than just linking them your site. I will look into designing potential ideas before this semester has finished as in the second semester, it would be good to focus more on connecting and networking with industry contacts.

Getting an idea about the sorts of things we need to think about when constructing CVs and cover letters was interesting and useful as it reminded me that I need to remember it’ll be completely different from how I’ve been used to applying for jobs. I’ll try and have a look into other games artists’ and designer’s examples so that I can see what is acceptable and likely to get looked at before I start thinking of creative ways to stand out.  

These images above are from our workshop ^^

The workshop definitely helped me to get a better grasp on the brief, as before I was unsure as to what exactly we had to get on with as it was super vague. From doing the workshop, I will pick 10 areas that I feel are interesting from the workshop and brainstorm again to see if I can get much further before I look into other ways to get creative ideas flowing; I plan to try and look at books and internet resources for help with this. 


* Have furthered the 10 areas I have and possibly narrowed them down to 5 areas of deep interest
* Have looked at least 5 case studies
* 3 Artists or Art pieces
* Had at least one research generation discussion with others
* 2 Videos or documentaries
* Pin up at least 2 things a day in the studio

This list is the bare minimum that I would like to achieve. If possible, I’m going to try and push myself to get varied avenues of research under my belt to help me get more developed and informed research. I feel that I didn’t push this last year and so I’d like to up this.